Which new feature is standard on every 2022 Challenger?

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Which new feature is standard on every 2022 Challenger?

The Dodge Challenger: An Iconic muscle Car

Dodge, an American automotive brand known for its Cars, SUVs, vans, and Minivans. For more than a century, it has tried to captivate millions of American hearts. This time, with its Dodge Challenger model, it has gathered several accolades and reserves a special place in the American automotive industry.

The Dodge challenger is rightly denoted as the Muscle Car as it stands out from the rest of the pack. This amazing beauty is surely a beast on the road and will surely win several hearts. This car is made with lots of intricacies, right from its badge, the Dodge engine, the interiors, and exteriors, the security system compliments this road beauty and takes it to another level. In this blog, we have discussed a couple of features which is standard on every Challenger.

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The Engine

This elegant beauty has the most impending engine, the Supercharged High-Output HEMI® V8 engine, yielding the 707 pound-feet Torque and 797 horsepower, The Dodge can yield 807 horsepower which happens to be the highest production so far. This engine is thoroughly accessible on the Challenger SRT®, Hellcat Redeye models, SRT Jailbreak, and the Challenger SRT Super Stock model.

Until 2021 Dodge models included these three modules the Enhanced Security Mode, Key Programming Lockdown, and the Intrusion Module which enabled security and safety to an extent. This all-new Deluxe Security Alarm feature renders your vehicle a peculiar safety feature that enables you a harmonious experience while you are on the go, when you parked your car just randomly or when you are asleep. So, if you are a Dodge challenger owner be assured that you will get the most soothing experience with this kind of safety feature.

Slaughter any territory

Every territory owes a different kind of road. Some may be bumpy, some may be smooth, some may be difficult, and some may be easy. But with Dodge Challenger SXT you can slaughter any difficult territory. It has the capability to keep you protected on the roads as well with a terrific line of defense. It is supposed to be the world’s first and only muscle utility vehicle with all-wheel drive availability, thereby allowing you a smooth driving experience.


Both the exterior and interior are designed in an exclusive manner. The Dodge Challenger exteriors are a mix of heritage and macho designs. With its class apart design you make people stance at you. The buzzworthy badging makes it distinct and enables you to show off this beauty. The interiors are awesome. The inner workings are designed intricately. Giving you a thorough and exceptional driving experience. You can also avail multiple interior choices as per your choice.


The makers have designed this brilliant Muscle Coupe in such a way that you don’t have to sacrifice your convenience at any damn cost. So, while designing the Dodge Challenger, utmost preference is given to the comfort zone as well. Thus, not forfeiting the comfort levels of their beloved customers. In fact, they offer an exclusionary five-passenger seating arrangement in the vehicle. This is also one of the reasons that Dodge Challenger has become acquainted amongst several Americans.

Apart from these, you can also find a host of other features as well. You can find advanced screen technology, Navigation Features, drag racing technology, Cruise control, Rear and Front Cameras, Apple Car Play, Performance Seats, Siriusxm Guardian™ enabling roadside assistance, and dual-zone climate control. Everything is amazingly designed right from the steer wheels to the wheel covers. You can just explore endless features in this magnificent beauty.


The Dodge Challenger is rightly denoted as a muscle on a mission that is totally responsible for making you stand out of the league. It boasts the most legendary performance by delivering an outstanding output. The Dodge engine capacitates you with exceptional power and torque. Even the used dodge engine is capable of yielding with steadfast torque.

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