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Used Chevy Engines

Chevy has been the soul of Americans ever since it launched. The true flag bearer of the American Dream. But the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you frequently take your Chevy for repairs and spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

This is where used Chevy engines come in. Be it your Corvette or Silverado, you can buy a used Chevy engine with a warranty to prolong its lifespan. Used Engines Inc., being one of the largest suppliers of used Chevy engines in the USA and Canada, offers deals worth grabbing for Chevy owners.

We got quality used engines of all models and sizes across the USA for you to pick and choose from. We are specialized in providing low mileage & high-quality used Chevy engines with a warranty.

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Certified Engines

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Inventory in USA

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Chevrolet, commonly known as Chevy was formed by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant on November 3, 1911. Chevrolet is considered to be a famous automobile company that manufactures top-quality cars and trucks for customers. Chevy Motors is one of the top and most reputable vehicle companies because to its performance and excellent fuel economy.

Even Chevy is not immune to engine breakdowns. It’s a common phenomenon that can hinder your journey out of the blue. But with Used Engines Inc., it’s easy to replace the old worn-out engine with high-quality used Chevy motors. There are multiple options available that are cost-effective and high performing.

Used Chevy motors allow you to experience luxury on a budget. You can buy a used Chevy engine from Used Engines Inc. with free shipping & up to 6 months of warranty.

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Buy a Used Chevy Engine Easily

It takes 3-simple steps and a few taps on your smartphone to buy a used Chevy engine from Used Engines Inc.

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All you need to do is fill up the form with the necessary details and we’ll contact you with a free quote. Once you give us a go-ahead, we will begin the process of finding the perfect used engine for your Chevy. Or you can directly call us with the following details and cut short the process.

  • tag Chevy vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • tagYour home or business address to receive free shipment.
  • tagMileage that you are looking for a used Chevy engine.
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Once we get the above-mentioned information, our team find the correct match for your Chevy vehicle from our massive inventory. You can put in a query any time or give us a call with your requirement, and we’ll assist you throughout the process.

Call our Toll-Free Number   (1800-518-9776)   now!

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  • tagHigh-Quality & Low-Mileage Engines
  • tag Compatible Chevy Engine for your car
  • tag Up to 6 months Warranty Period
  • tag Vast Inventory to find the right used Chevy engine
  • tag Free shipping to both residential as well as business address.
  • tagProficient & Experienced Customer Support Team

Apart from providing superior quality used Chevy engines, we also provide used transmissions. We will replace your part for free if it faces any technical issues covered under the terms and conditions of our warranty policy. We strive to satisfy our customers with excellent quality, performance & service in the long run. We work hard to get your car back on the road as quickly as we can. We also provide used engines of all make & models, covering but not limited to Ford used engines, Porsche used engines, Honda used engines, Audi used engines, Chevy used engines & Chevy used engines.

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Used Chevy Engine Size

Do you know what Chevrolet motor size best fits your vehicle? Because failing to know might have an adverse effect on the performance of your Chevy. Don't worry; simply fill out the quotation form, and our specialists will help you determine which motor size is appropriate for your vehicle.

Do you know what Chevrolet motor size best fits your vehicle? Because failing to know might have an adverse effect on the performance of your Chevy. Don't worry; simply fill out the quotation form, and our specialists will help you determine which motor size is appropriate for your vehicle.

We offer used Chevrolet motors in the sizes listed below for sale.

heavy chevy car engine
tag 1.2 liters
tag1.3 litres
tag1.4 litres
tag 1.5 litres
tag 1.6 litres
tag 1.8 litres
tag 2.0 litres
tag 2.4 litres
tag 2.5 litres
tag 2.7 litres
tag 2.8 litres
tag 3.0 litres
tag 3.6 litres
tag4.3 litres
tag 4.8 litres
tag 5.3 litres
tag 5.5 litres
tag 5.7 litres
tag 6.0 litres
tag 6.2 litres
tag 6.6 litres
tag 7.0 litres
tagBaby Duramax Engines
tagDuramax 3.0-Liter Turbo Diesel Engine
tag Duramax 4.5-Liter V-8 Turbo Diesel Engine (LMK)

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