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All engines and transmissions sold by Used Engines Inc. come with an exceptional warranty. To ensure that you are
completely secure in this deal, we go above and beyond for you.

Return and Replacements

We provide a no-cost warranty since we cover the shipping expenses for all authorized returns and replacements.

Certified Professionals

Our ase-certified professionals have thoughtfully crafted a pre-installation guide to ensure the engine performs at its peak.

Replacement Warranty

6 months return and replacement warranty

Dedicated Support

Lifetime Support (Our in-house warranty team works with you to troubleshoot the majority of frequent issues to prevent total engine failure).

Express Shipping

We generally ship orders within 3-5 business days(excluding weekends and holidays). Though it’s very rare, during some unavoidable circumstances, delivery might require some additional time.

Pre-installation Checks

We suggest you perform pre-installation checks before installing your used engine or used transmission. Pre-installation checks are crucial as they help the engine/transmission perform efficiently with enhanced durability.

Cultivated from our years of experience, following are our installation guidelines, just for you:

  • tag Turbochargers- Superchargers, Turbos are not part of the long block, hence not warranted unless stated otherwise in written.
  • tag Before signing the delivery, please check any physical damages on the used engine and used transmission. If you catch any damage, put it in notes under the delivery receipt and contact us immediately. DO NOT use merchandise before contacting us.
  • tagWe suggest inspecting all gaskets and seals and replacing them if needed. An engine that blows a head gasket or is overheated will automatically void the warranty.
  • tag Please fully turn the crankshaft over before installation. Please   contact us   immediately if it doesn’t turn over.
  • tagFor a timing belt engine, timing belt, tensioner and its components should be replaced prior to installation. Timing belt, chains and other components are not warrantied and should be inspected thoroughly if timing cover is easily removed.
  • tagYou should change the engine oil and replace the oil filter.
  • tagAdd new Anti-Freeze/ Coolant.
  • tagPlease reseal your lower oil pan.

We recommend installing the following parts along with the engine to get optimum performance from the ordered used engine/ used transmission:

  • tag Water Pump
  • tag Thermostat
  • tag Rear main seal
  • tag New belts and hoses
  • tag New Air Filter and Fuel Filter
  • tag Install and gap new spark plugs
  • tag New gaskets on your valve covers
  • tag New front crank seal
  • tag New Radiator (Highly recommended)

For your convenience, you can download a copy of this guideline “HERE”, and keep a hard copy handy. Provide the hard copy to your mechanic or installer and rest assured for savoring a comfortable ride in your vehicle Again.

Warranty Terms

  • tag The warranty on the used engines we offer is limited to only the engine assembly. Blocks, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and other internal components are the only parts of an engine assembly. Other parts like but not limited to switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pumps, manifold, wire harnesses, valve covers, gaskets, brackets, oil pan, flywheel, may still be in the engine for your convenience and protection of the assembly from any physical damage during shipment are not warrantied for.
  • tag Despite our best efforts to supply high-quality, well-performing used motors and transmissions (up to 35 years old), we do not guarantee appearance. As a result, if the used engine has undoubted performance, the warranty claim does not encompass merely the appearance of the said used engine. We urge you to inspect all parts promptly upon receiving the shipment and call our support line at 1800-518-9776 to report any differences. We advise all our customers to never decline a shipment so that we can arrange pick up at our expense as part of the warranty claim, reducing the risk of lost shipments. Please note that, declined shipments fall under order cancellation terms.
  • tag To process an order, Used Engines Inc. incurs charges like - labor charges, freight charges, cost of pallet, bubble wraps, straps, etc. If an order is cancelled after 24 hours of making the payment a 20% restocking fee (of the total order value) is to be paid by the customer. In case the order is shipped prior to cancellation, the customer will be required to pay a further 2-way shipping charge.
  • tag Used Engines Inc. will reimburse all shipping costs for warranty-certified returns as is. Customers should give Used Engines Inc. at least 1 opportunity to enable replacement (under warranty). Hence, if a customer denies accepting a Warranty approved replacement, and demands a Full Refund, this will fall under Cancelation policy resulting in the customer paying 20% of the total order value as Re-stocking charges.
  • tag OEM auto parts can be swapped out between different makes and models. We employ a VIN compatibility tool at Used Engines Inc. to ensure that the used engines and transmissions for sale are compatible with your car. It may sometime be necessary to make a few adjustments for it to fit in. The Return and Refunds policies will still cover an incompatible engine sent to customers.
  • tag Despite verifying the compatibility using the VIN on every order, there might still be additional information required to verify the variant of the engine/transmission. If a customer provides false information or orders a wrong engine, they will be responsible to pay the two-way shipping costs as well as the price difference (If any) between the replacement order and the original order. Denying a replacement will be considered as order cancellation and incurs a 20% re-stocking fee as per policies.
  • tag In the event of facing an issue with the purchased used engine, we will immediately initiate a replacement process, on approval. In case we can’t fulfil the order, requirements and uphold our quality standards, then we will initiate FULL REFUND back into the source account. A customer is required to report any damage or fault in the replaced engine / transmission within 30 days of order placement (replacement order). No claim or issue will be accepted post 30 days’ timeline.
  • tag In case of any questions or concerns about your purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us for a quick response during the warranty period. Keeping a problematic item for more than 30 days may eliminate any prospect of it being revived while also limiting our ability to approve the claim.
  • tag Warranty provided by Used Engines Inc. is non-transferable.
  • tag Unless specifically stated in writing, we only offer a “Parts-Only Warranty”. Labor charges are not covered under warranty.
  • tag All deposits made for holding a part or for special orders will be non-refundable.
  • tag The consumer must report any issues with the merchandise, such as physical damage, functional failures, wrong type, etc. within 30 days of receiving the merchandise. If the merchandise is not installed within the first 30 days and no issue is reported to us, the warranty will be void.

Warranty will be Void if

  • tag Preinstallation checks are not followed
  • tag Diagnostic report for the issue is not provided by an ASE certified mechanic.
  • tagPurchased used engine isn’t installed within 90 days of date of purchase.
  • tag Used engine/Merchandise has been repaired or remodelled without our support confirmation.
  • tag Used engine/Merchandise is damaged because of overheating or lack of lubrication.
  • tag Used engine/ Merchandise is returned with missing/melted heat tabs.
  • tag All Electrical/Electronic issues are not covered under warranty.
  • tag Oil leaks because of failed seals or gaskets are not covered under the warranty.
  • tag The merchandise is modified or not returned in the same condition as it was sent.
  • tag Complete troubleshooting steps are not exhausted to isolate the root cause behind the engine failure or if the part is removed/dismantled BEFORE our inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. If I order a used engine, what parts will be on it?

You will receive a complete engine assembly that consists of the block, head, piston, camshaft, crankshaft, and other internal components. All parts, change-over accessories, and wear-and-tear items are sometimes left on the engine for your convenience, but we won’t charge you for them and they won’t be warrantied.

2. What if I receive defective, wrong, or damaged merchandise?

All orders placed with Used Engines Inc. come with a 6-month return and replacement assurance. Used Engines Inc. will bear all shipping costs for warranty-certified returns in the exact amounts. Please refer to our “Returns and Replacement” page for more details on how to initiate a warranty claim.

3. How do I claim the warranty if the engine stops working after installation?

We have a dedicated support team who will assist you or your mechanic to isolate the issue, and if it turns out to be an engine failure, we will ship the replacement unit within 3-5 days of picking up the defective merchandise.

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