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Jeep is an automotive brand that originated in the United States. It has been the original maker of 4X4 civilian Jeep vehicles since 1941. The brand name Jeep has been constantly associated with freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion. So much so that the Jeep enthusiasts have adopted the motto of ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’ as a way of life.

Jeep is currently into producing sport utility vehicles – both crossovers, SUVs, and other models which are fully off-road worthy. Some of the popular Jeep creations include Wagoneer, Cherokee, and Wrangler.

Why Buy from Used Engines Inc.?

If you are looking for Jeep diesel engines or Jeep used engines for sale, this is the perfect place for you. Here you’ll find low-mileage, assured quality Jeep used engines. Jeep automobiles were originally made to serve the US-allied forces. Therefore, these automobiles possess strength like no other, and are durable. Even though a Jeep engine can last for over 100,000 miles without any issue, a mechanical failure may have you looking for a solution.

In such circumstances, second-hand Jeep engines appear to be the most economical and sensible choice. You can buy a used Jeep engine from Used Engines Inc. as we are the leading provider of used engines and transmissions in the USA. Thus, whether you are on the quest for a Jeep Cherokee engine or a Jeep Wrangler engine, our seasoned team will hook you up with an operative used engine in no time.

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Used Jeep CJ6A Engine Used Jeep CJ7 Engine Used Jeep Comanche Engine Used Jeep Commander Engine Used Jeep Compass Engine
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Used Jeep Scrambler Engine Used Jeep TJ Engine Used Jeep Truck Engine Used Jeep Patriot Engine Used Jeep Utility Engine
Used Jeep Utility Wagon Engine Used Jeep Wagoneer Engine Used Jeep Wrangler Engine
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Certified Engines

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Free Delivery

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Largest Inventory in USA

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100% Quality Assurance

What Makes Us Special?

Used Engines Inc. is the best in the business as we offer our customers complete transparency to establish trust and confidence. We offer used engines with warranty and are absolutely genuine and validated products. Through Used Engines Inc., you can restore the drivability of your Jeep vehicle with minimal effort and utmost convenience.

Reasonable Rates

At Used Engines Inc., we offer a used Jeep engine at quite competitive and reasonable rates. Our proposed quote for a used engine guarantees will most likely be an affordable price for your purchase of a used Jeep engine, as per industry standards. By shopping with us, you would be able to save a significant amount of money that other dealers would charge you for shipment and other formal charges.

Quick Delivery

We understand that everyone is in a haste and you would like your Jeep used engines at the earliest so that your Jeep vehicle can be up and running in no time. Hence, we deliver all our used engines and used transmissions within a 5-7 business days window at your doorstep with free shipping.

Assured Quality and Warranty

Used Engines Inc. offers only the superior quality used Jeep engines that are low mileage, offer maximum performance & efficiency, and as reliable as possible. Moreover, as icing on the cake, we also offer an exclusive warranty of upto 5 years to deliver our customers the best buying experience.

90 Days Return/Replacement Guarantee

If you run across a problem in your used Jeep engine like leakage of any kind or inadequate performance within 90 days of purchase, we would also assist you with the replacement of the product. Moreover, refunds are authorized only when the option to replace is not available.

Replacement Assistance

If your used Lexus engine is not performing well or depicts any leakage problems, then Used Engine Inc. compensates you with the replacement of the product. We initiate refunds only when the replacement of the product is not available.

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To obtain high quality used engines for your Jeep vehicle, get in touch with us with all the necessary details, including:

  • rightYour Jeep vehicle’s VIN. If you are unable to determine the VIN, our team will help you find the VIN.
  • right Your exact shipping address where you want your used Jeep engines delivered.
  • right The specifics about your required engine with name, size, and model.

Once we have all the details, we’ll extend a free quote from our end to begin the process of your hassle-free purchase.

For more information, contact us through our Toll-Free Number +1-800-518-9776


Are all used Jeep engines covered under warranty?

Yes, all makes, models, and sizes of used Jeep engines you buy from us are covered under warranty. As Jeep engines are a valuable purchase, with our upto 5 years warranty policy we may help you resolve your engine problems efficiently.

Which used Jeep engine sizes are available?

Thanks to our huge inventory, we have almost all makes, models, and sizes of Jeep engines available. Once you share your requirement with us, we’ll extend you a free quote for the same after checking its availability.