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We at Used Engines Inc. are totally aware of the constrained options you are left with when your engine deteriorates or stops working. Either you will scrap out your vehicle, or you will replace the engine. Scraping a vehicle is the last option to go for, and buying a new engine for replacement would cost you HUGE... What if we tell you that you can bring back your wheels on road without hurting your BUDGET...? Yes, you heard it right! With a diverse collection of High-Quality , low mileage ASE certified used engines, you get the opportunity to revive your car, truck, suv, van without bothering your Pocket.

Wide Range

We are one of the most distinct hubs for buying used engine online. Our diverse range of used engines for sale is stretched from every Domestic model to Imported one, from Gasoline to diesel. With an expansion of 2000+ inventory yards across the USA, we have stocked every make, model, year used engines. What we offer is a customisation of your need with our resources that results in Guaranteed satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Our work vouches for our Credibility!! The enthusiastic team of Used Engines Inc. has never left any stone unturned in making our customers experience EXCEPTIONAL. Every single used engine goes through the quality assessment by the team of ASE certified mechanics. If the ordered engine doesn't live up to your expectations from the bargain, we additionally give you a 90-day Return and Refund time.

Warranty Backed

Used Engines Inc. has never shied away from going above and beyond for our clients. We offer an exclusive warranty policy of up to 5 years on our products to provide you an assurance for our AUTHENTICITY. We have tailored a Warranty plan based on the requirements of our customers to offer a straightforward procedure for handling any issues and complaints following a purchase.

Pocket Friendly

We have purposefully priced our high-quality used engines to take into account the financial element. Our endeavour is to make your purchase as convenient and economical as it could be. You don’t have to think twice before placing the order as the UNCOMPROIMISED quality product within such IRRESISTABLE price is a RARE combination.

Dedicated Support

Used Engines Inc. thrives upon cultivating long lasting relationships of trust with our customers. Don’t burden yourself with any query or slightest hint of doubt, we are here just for YOU. We work with customers and prospects openly, honestly, and sincerely.

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Why make your car wait up too long in Garage, when it can Bang on Roads again!!

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Whether you are a dealer, customer, service station, or a weekend automotive hobbyist, you can buy any used engine from us as we are stocked with used engines for sale for most “makes and models”, “foreign and domestic” which is difficult to find anywhere else in the United States. We have set the benchmark in the auto industry by offering quality used engines along with upto 5 years of exclusive warranty. Our specialized range of car engines includes but not limited to model used Chevy engines, used Toyota engines, used Honda engines, used BMW engines, used Dodge engines, used Ford engines, used Lexus engines, used GMC engines, used KIA engines and much more.

Commonly Asked Questions

You will receive a complete engine assembly that consists of the block, head, piston, camshaft, crankshaft, and other internal components. All parts, change-over accessories, and wear-and-tear items are sometimes left on the engine for your convenience, but we won’t charge you for them and they won’t be warrantied.
Used Engines Inc. has stocked only verified and tested used engines that has passed through all the quality assessments by ASE certified experts. The life span of a used engine is dependent upon its maintenance too. With a timely care, used engine can serve you more than you might have expected.
Call one of our sales experts at 1800-518-9776 to place an order. Our website will shortly feature online ordering. We take all major credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, etc.). You can also mail us cashier’s checks or money orders. Please keep in mind that cashier's checks and money orders take longer to obtain. After we receive the cashier's check or money order, we will contact you to verify your order and ship it out as per our delivery commitment.
All orders placed with Used Engines Inc. comes with a 90 days return and refund assurance. Used Engines Inc. will bear all shipping costs for warranty certified returns in the exact amounts. Please refer to our Returns and Refund page for more details.