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Used Engines Inc. provides high-quality & low-mileage used engines to customers all over the USA. Our extensive range of makes & models ensures that you can find the best-used engine for your car or truck at the best price. Whether you are looking for a used engine or motor for your car, van, SUV, or even heavy-duty truck, we have all. We go the extra mile to ensure you can find the used engines at the best price that are compatible with your specific vehicle’s model. Used Engines Inc. is one of the biggest & reliable used engine provider companies where all engines for sale are provided at an affordable price. We have specialization in providing high-quality & low - mileage used engines with a warranty for most of the car and truck models. We strive to make your buying experience hassle-free and smooth.

No matter what vehicle, model, and engine size you are looking for, our team will passionately assist you in finding a used car engine for sale that will be compatible with your vehicle. We have an extensive collection of used engines in the US with over 1800 inventory yards so that you are provided with the best-used engine for your car or truck. We will make it easier for you to get the used engines and they will be delivered to you in a very short period. If you don't see the used motor that you're looking for, you can call one of our representatives at +1-800-518-9776 and we'll find it for you.

Find Used Engines for Sale by Brands

Whether you are a dealer, customer, service station, or a weekend automotive hobbyist, you can buy any used engine from us as we are stocked with used engines for sale for most “makes and models”, “foreign and domestic” which is difficult to find anywhere else in the United States. We have set the benchmark in the auto industry by offering quality used engines along with upto 5 years of exclusive warranty. Our specialized range of car engines includes but not limited to model used Chevy engines, used Toyota engines, used Honda engines, used BMW engines, used Dodge engines, used Ford engines, used Lexus engines, used GMC engines, used KIA engines and much more.

Why Buy Used Engines from Us?

One of the Largest Inventories in the USA

With over Thousand used engines & Transmissions in stock, you’d never run short of choices and options. We ensure to deliver almost all kinds of parts, engines, transmissions, and accessories for cars, trucks & pickups all over the country.

Affordable Pricing & Best Deals

Being established in the market for more than 5 years, we are committed to delivering quality at very affordable and competitive prices. Also, you can keep visiting our website to stay updated with the deals and offers we often release on our website.

Exclusive Warranty

The thought of buying used engines always has uncertainty on the back foot. People might be worried about their quality and assurance. But at, we offer you up to 5 Years warranty that assures you the full replacement of the product.

100% Quality Assurance

Our products are our key to success. We never compromise with the quality. Before your ordered item is shipped from the warehouse, our tech experts perform a close quality check and fix the issues instantly.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, used engines are truly reliable. All used engines undergo a quality check, inspection, and certification to ensure you get the utmost quality of the used engine.
Rebuilt engines are ones that have been disassembled and inspected. Used engines are exactly the same replica having a prior service with a previous owner which is deemed to be operational or has minor issues which can be repaired. Whereas Rebuilt Engines are dissembled and remodeled as per the specifications.