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Used Mazda Engines

What if you could solve all your car engine troubles without swiping all your savings?

Now you can!

With used Mazda engines, you can find a perfectly balanced solution that meets your car’s requirements and your budget.

Now you may have some inhibitions about buying a used engine, but trust us—our inventory holds only high-quality used engines that don’t show any red flags.

You can check out what our customers say about buying a used Mazda engine from us and clear all your doubts.

If you like affordable, accessible, and quality-assured used engines, we’re all for you!

Pick your phone and dial our Toll-Free Number (1-800-518-9776) to get in touch. Or Fill up the form to get a Free quote.

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Mazda Engines

The Mazda Motor Corporation is a power hub of automotive innovation. Even though it’s mostly produced and sold in the Japanese domestic market, Mazda has a tight hold over the American market as well. All thanks to its fuel-efficient engines. You would think only hybrid cars can give you fuel efficiency. But Mazda rendered it all moot.

Mazda offers a line of fuel-efficient engines without the car being a hybrid. These engines have a special place among Americans who prefer the power of a gasoline-driven car over an electric.

We bring you the same quality Mazda engine but with a smaller price tag. That’s the perk of buying a used Mazda engine with a warranty. Be it a new or used engine—the Mazda quality reigns supreme.


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available used Mazda Engines for sale

tag Mazda MX-5
tagMazda MX-3
tag Mazda Kabura
tagMazda Ryuga
tag Mazda Nagare
tag Mazda Demi
tag Mazda Kazamai
tag Mazda MX-04
tag Mazda BU-X
tag Mazda Neospace
tag Mazda3
tag Mazda Millenia
tag Mazda Roadpacer AP
tag Mazda R100
tagMazda Persona
tagMazda 929
tagMazda Takeri
tag Mazda MX-03
tagMazda AZ550
tag Mazda MX-Micro Sport
tag Mazda RX-8
tagMazda BT-50
tagMazda Laputa
tag Mazda Xedos 6
tag Mazda AZ-Offroad
tagMazda 323F
tagMazda Shinari
tag Mazda MX-02
tag Mazda MX-81
tag Mazda MX-Flexa
tag Mazdaspeed3
tag Mazda Sentia
tagMazda RX-2
tagMazda Premacy
tagMazda Familia
tag Mazda 3
tag Mazda Minagi
tag Mazda MV-X
tag Mazda TD-R
tag Mazda MX-Crossport
tag Mazda Tribute
tag Mazda Cronos
tagMazda RX-3
tag Mazda Familia Astina
tag Mazda Mazdago
tag Mazda 2
tag Mazda Capella
tagMazda MS-X
tag Mazda SW-X
tag Mazda MX Sportif
tag Mazda B-Series
tag Mazda MX-6
tag Mazda Bongo
tag Mazda AZ-Wagon
tag Mazda Biante
tag Mazda 6
tag Mazda Atenza
tag Mazda HR-X 2
tag Mazda SU-V
tag Mazda MX Sport Tourier
tag Mazda RX-7
tag Mazda CX-7
tag Mazda RX-4
tag Mazda 121
tag Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE
tag Mazda CX-3
tag Mazda Axela
tag Mazda HR-X
tag Mazda RX-Evolv
tagMazda Ford Courier
tag Mazda Mazda5
tagMazda Porter
tagMazda6 Mazda Savanna
tagMazda 757
tag Mazda Kiyora
tag Mazda MX-5 RF
tag Mazda Gissya
tag Mazda RX-01
tag Mazda Ford Laser
tagMazda CX-9
tagMazda Navajo
tag Mazda Carol
tag Mazda Titan
tag Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE
tagMazda Sassou
tag Mazda Activehicle
tag Mazda CVS
tag Mazda RX 87
tag Mazda Efini MS-8
tagMazda MPV
tag Mazda R360
tag Mazda Verisa
tag Mazda CX-5
tag Mazda 787B
tag Mazda Senku
tag Mazda MX-5 Superlight
tag Mazda CU-X
tag Mazda Nextourer
tag Mazda Autozam Revue


Used Mazda Engine

Our Requirements

We ask a little from our customers to get the ball rolling.

Once you make up your mind to buy a used Mazda engine, we need you to keep a few details about your car handy.

Here’s what you need to fill up the form. Once we have these details, our team will respond to you with free quotes.

  • tagMILEAGE

We know a used engine is only useful to you if it meets your requirement and falls within your budget. Our team takes special note of all our customer’s expectations. We cater to them accordingly.

Besides, we have a wide variety of used motors for different brands like Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Chevy, Ford, etc. It will be a great pleasure for us if you will give us a chance to assist you.



Buying from Used Engines Inc.

  • tagBest quality
  • tag Lifetime Support
  • tag 2000+ inventory yards to find the best used Mazda engine
  • tag Free shipping anywhere in the United States.
  • tag All our engines are vetted before adding to our inventory.
  • tag Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our main priority.

Apart from used Mazda engine you can also procure used Porsche engine, used Ford engine, used chevy engine, used Mini Cooper engine, used Kia engine, or used Honda engine. You name it and we are there to serve you.

Used Engines Inc. also nourishes its customer with the replacement of the used engine or transmission if it isn’t working properly. Refunds are initiated only when the replacement of the engine/transmission is not available. So as per our refund/return policy, you can get the engine replaced within 30 days of your purchase.

List of

Used Mazda Engine Size

The size of an engine basically means the capacity its pistons have to push through air and fuel, across all of its cylinders, also known as displacement. Generally, the bigger the engine, the more fuel and air it can push through, so the more power you get - although turbochargers also have a say in this. These days, basically all Mazda cars have turbo Engines.

Turbocharger gives more power to your engine, that is, a smaller engine with a turbocharger can be more powerful than a larger one without. This is a major consideration to keep in mind when you’re deciding between engine sizes, especially if you’re looking for a car with some oomph. Our inventory has used Mazda motor for sale for given below sizes:

tag 1.0 L
tag 1.2 L
tag 1.3 L
tag 1.5 L
tag 1.8 L
tag 2.0 L
tag 2.2 L
tag 2.3 L
tag 2.5 L
tag 2.6 L

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