5 Warning Signs of Motor Failure that You Should Never Ignore

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The motor or engine of any automobile is an essential part of the vehicle. A healthy motor will prolong the life of your vehicle and also ensure that you will get good mileage and high-efficiency from your vehicle. When you take your vehicle to the service centre for routine maintenance, it reveals a lot about the current condition of the used motor.

It is good when you pay close attention to know the early signs of motor failure. By this, you can prolong your motor life and replace all damaged parts that may cause complete motor failure. As we know, the new motor price is too high today so in case your motor gets damaged, replacing it with a used motor for sale can be the best option. In this post, we will highlight some signs which indicate motor failure. If you observe any of these in your vehicle, it’s time for you to take your vehicle to a nearby motor repair station and get it checked.

Let’s discuss some basic warning signs of motor failure that you should never ignore.

Irregular sounds

Any new or irregular sound coming out of the vehicle can be a big sign of a motor failure under the hood. Strange sounds can happen due to backfire or knocking. Both situations can cause a problem for the motor and should be seen immediately.


Today most modern cars have become much cleaner and emit minimal residue from the exhaust pipes. But, if you see smoke of any color coming out of the exhaust, don’t ignore it. It simply means that there is a problem with your vehicle’s motor and needs to be entertained immediately.


When you feel excessive vibrations while driving on a smooth road, it can be a sign of a faulty motor. When the mounts are worn out, it can cause vibrations even when the car is standing. Backfiring in the motor can also cause vibrations and it can be recognized by listening to the sound of the motor carefully.


All modern cars offer an engine or motor temperature device to know whether the motor is operating at an optimum temperature. You can check the ideal temperature of the car when its needle stays in the middle. If its needle moving towards the hotter range means the cooling system of the engine is damaged and you need to get it fixed as early as possible.

Loss of power

When you feel the loss of power while accelerating the speed of your car means a major motor problem. The most basic reason can be the motor not getting enough fuel and air. Secondly, the fuel filter may get clogged and obstruct the flow of the fuel. In this situation, when you drive a vehicle with a turbocharger, there might be a problem with the turbocharger unit as well.

To Sum Up

Apart from these, there are many other signs of motor failure that can be recognized before complete motor failure. For example, burning smell coming out of the car, Oil leakage on the ground, Misfire, Oil in sparkplug, and many more. Minor issues can be rectified easily, but issues that can damage your motor drastically can take lots of time to resolve. Thus, you are advised to go for periodic motor inspection by an expert hand to overcome major engine or motor failure. In case your motor is completely damaged and you are looking for a used motor for sale near you then visit Used Engines Inc.

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