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Automatic vs Manual Transmission Car

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Between modern cars rolling out with more automatic transmissions and classic lovers still hanging on to the manual ones. There are potential car owners that are confused about which transmission is actually the best one to use.

Although most may argue that it depends on the preference of the driver, there are some features that might make a particular type of transmission more useful than the other. So we’ve decided to settle this argument once and for all.

Read on to learn about how automatic transmission is different from manual ones, which is the better one with clear facts, and our final verdict on the matter.

Automatic & Manual Transmission: Their Differences

Here are the reasons that make manual and automatic transmissions differ from each other. We broke them down for you based on 9 important factors.

GEARS WORKABILITY The car shifts the gears automatically. Uses a stick shift and the driver is responsible for shifting the gears.
RELIABILITY It can go up to 200,000 miles and more. This is known to have more power and is more suited for driving long distances. Does not have any complicated parts that might overheat and lag - is known to It lasts for more than 130,000 miles.
FUEL- EFFICIENCY Many automatic cars are built in a way to reduce fuel consumption. They have more parts that require fuel like their torque converter and additional gears - making them less fuel efficient than many automatic cars.
SPEED Currently, there are many cars in the market that overtake manuals in speed. The first gear is known to be 31 mph when shifting. They come with many variations of high-speed cars. The first gear is known to be around 10 mph when shifting.
MAINTENANCE It has a high maintenance cost because of the complex systems it has and the many working parts. These require less maintenance and servicing - and are easier to maintain than automatic cars.
ADAPTABILITY Require less human muscle power and are more comfortable to drive with. They require more human muscle power and the driver has to adapt to the changes happening while driving.
TORQUE They need higher levels of torque to function because of the complex machine parts it has. Higher levels of rpm from the torque converter can give more torque - but too much harsh gear shifting will make them slip.
CLUTCH It may come in dual-clutch, dry clutches, wet clutches, etc. Cable, hydraulic and rod clutches are available for use.
COST These are mostly expensive. A good transmission costs around 1,200-3,000$. They have low cost and you can get a good transmission starting from 250$.

Which is better - Automatic vs. Manual Transmission?

A recent case study shows us the preference among people for - automatic, manual, and collectively both car transmission systems.


As this case study tells us about user preferences of car types, it is clear that the public is a big fan of automatic transmission with 60% picking it, and manual ones coming in second place with a close 39%. A combination of both automatic and manual transmissions is preferred by the remaining 1% of the population.

People pick automatic transmissions for their easy workability, quality of smooth shifting of gears, and great engine performance. On the other hand, manual transmissions were picked by people because of reliability, they have great fuel economy & are easier to repair.

To choose the best car transmission system for you - it is advised to go for a simple test drive. See what works for you by giving both automatic and manual cars a shot - choose your new car according to that.

Additionally, CVT Transmission (Continuously Variable Transmission) and AMT (Automated Manual Transmissions) are also available if you’re looking for a car with a mix of both automatic and manual transmissions.

Final Thoughts

A recent case study has shown that automatic transmissions are preferred by 60% of people over 39% of manual transmission lovers. The remaining 1% of people wanted cars with both manual and automatic features

Manual transmissions are easier to repair, give amazing fuel economy, and last for a very long time. This is why it's no surprise that classic car lovers pick them even in modern times.

While automatic transmissions require less human effort to function, have smooth shifting of gears and many are designed to cut down on fuel consumption.

Pick an automatic or manual car depending on which is more comfortable to drive for you and what your car expectations are. Check our used transmission systems that have 100% ASE Certification + Full Warranty Available. Pick from the largest inventory in the U.S.

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