Blog    Does your car leak oil when it's parked?

Does your car leak oil when it's parked?

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Oil leaks or drops from the car's engine on the parking lot

Have you been noticing a puddle of greasy brown, green or orange liquid underneath your car when it’s parked? Well, it’s your car leaking oil and it could be a bit dangerous.If you open the hood, take a closer look, and the components of the car engine and transmission are greased in oil, it is also a sign that the engine is leaking oil.

It could indicate paramount issues with the engine. Make a note that it is risky to drive your vehicle with an oil leak. The cars can burn in a ball of fire, if your car is leaking oil when parked. It is not very thrilling unlike the explosion of cars we see in the movies. Of course, we don’t want to witness such a scenario with our cars. But, most likely there are chances of this happening.

Let us touch upon the following topics and find out the-

  • tag Causes of leaking oil
  • tag How to fix an oil leak ?
  • tag Oil leak repair cost

Firstly, let us continue to read why your car is leaking oil when parked.

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Causes of car leaking oil when parked

1. Damaged oil filter

There are many mechanical devices in the car. Oil filter is one of them which removes the contaminants and allows the circulation of fresh oil. To keep away the dirt, it is important to change it regularly. When it is not in a good condition, the engine will start performing poorly. It will also become hard to pick up speed.

Damaged oil filters are the most probable cause of an oil leak. This leak may begin to develop when the oil flows from the filter to the engine. Some common signs to help you identify a damaged or clogged oil filter include dirty exhaust coming out of the car, metallic sounds from the engine and a drop in the oil pressure. You must get the symptoms of a failing oil filter examined and get it treated.

2. Damaged/ broken engine gaskets or pans

Many parts of the engine are located underneath the car. When you drive, the engine gasket and pan are most prone to be damaged and broken as they are beneath the car.Let's find out how it can cause an oil leak. The oil pan gasket prevents the oil from escaping.

Since they are located at the bottom of the car and are at the risk of being exposed to the debris lying on the road, they can be easily damaged. They can cause a hole in the gasket and cause the oil to leak, whether you are driving or the car is parked.

3. Installations made incorrectly

Nowadays, all the vehicles come with a shielding underneath to protect them from any kind of damage. But if you have recently made any repairs, and the gaskets were incorrectly installed, there might be chances of an oil leak from your parked car.

Improper installations include the oil pan gasket being over-tightened or the tightness not being distributed uniformly. The oil leak could also be the result of a loosely attached oil filter. You must take your car to a mechanic and get these repairs done appropriately to avoid an oil leak.

4. Bad seals and valves

The seals and valves are important components because they prevent oil seepage. When you drive for continuous hours, your vehicle becomes very hot and the heated components of the engine put a lot of pressure on the seals.

Once the engine cools down after the drive is over, the metal contracts. With the subsequent contraction, it may cause gaps between the seals and consequently cause the oil to leak. It can further result in engine misfires and other consequential engine issues. So, it is necessary to replace the damaged seals and valves so it stops your car from losing oil.

How to fix an oil leak?

We have already discussed the starting point of an oil leak. Here are a few ways to fix the leaking oil issue.

1. You can use a stop leak additive. Such a product can prevent further automotive oil leak from your car by stopping the car’s rubber seal from leaking.

2. Though there are lots of tools and items (like torque wrench, car jack and stands) available in the market that can help you resolve the oil leak issues, it is best to take your car to a service center.

3. Changing the engine oil regularly is one way to prevent oil leaks. However, if your car is already leaking the oil, it is important to identify the oil leak cause as determining it will help you fix it.

4. We have briefly discussed the parts which are responsible for the oil leaks. You must consider to go for repairs of the following components or get the replacements done-

  • tag Replace a blown head gasket. The rubber material around the engine block might also be decomposed. To resolve the issue, both of them must be replaced.
  • tag If you are dealing with an engine oil leak, the damaged oil filter must be replaced. It will help you save your time and money in the long run.
  • tag Tightening the loosened bolts on the oil pan, timing belt covers and the valve covers can help you fix the oil leak.
  • tagWorn-out piston rings can also be one the causes of an oil leak. Replacing them with the new ones can help prevent the oil from leaking.

5. When we change the engine oil, sometimes it is overfilled. Make sure to add the required amount of oil and avoid overfilling.

6. Engine oil must flow continuously. To ensure this, the engine bay should be free from the dirt and grime on the engine parts and it must be cleaned.

Oil leak Repair cost

Oil leaking issues can be very serious and risky if left untreated. You must consider fixing these issues. It can cause fires and lead to environmental contamination. It can lead to expensive repair costs. But how much it can cost actually depends on the cause of the leak, its location and the type of your vehicle and the engine.

Let’s check out the average cost of the replacement of following parts-

  • tagExchange of oil drain plug gasket - $35-$45
  • tagReplacement of a new oil filter - $40- $70
  • tag Repairing a gasket damage- $85-$200
  • tagRepairing an oil pan- $100-$500

There can be additional labour costs depending on where you choose to get it repaired. It can cost somewhere between $10-$30. If the issue is more serious, like the engine block is cracked, the repair costs can go much higher.

All of this can cost you heavy repair bills. Moreover, continuing to drive the car with an oil leak can cause your engine to seize up and cause additional damage. Don’t risk your life driving with an oil leak.


Once you know that the recognized cause of oil leak is from the engine, it is best to look for pocket-friendly used engines. used engines. It will help you cut your costs on the specific replacement of the parts discussed above.

You may be able to prevent major engine damages by being proactive. You should also be able to fix the causes and get back on roads with a hassle-free drive. Be patient and wisely decide upon the best possible alternatives and the solution to deal with the oil leak.


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