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5 Simple Car Maintenance Tips Every Owner Should Know

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Take a moment and think about how hard you have worked to purchase your dream car. It takes you back in time and you recall all the hardships you have endured to fill your pockets.

Finally, it was all worth it and you loved the moment when you had your car unveiled and delivered to you. It becomes like a family member when you see it. You sure want to make it last longer and maintain it in top condition.

For that, you must drive it carefully and take good care. With proper safekeeping, you can increase your car’s lifespan. You’ll be able to enjoy long term benefits like smooth driving, better mileage, and good engine health. Above all, it increases the resale value of your car if you plan to sell it in the future.

But, how can you avail these attractive benefits? Well, it’s super simple but requires a little extra effort. Trust us, going out of your way to look after your car will be all worthwhile. Let’s continue reading to find out more about car maintenance tips.

Tips for maintaining your car properly

These tips will be extremely helpful to keep your car in perfect condition.

1. Check the tire’s pressure

We all know that the invention of the wheels has made our lives so much easier. Running a car forward is impossible without them. But taking your car forward with incorrect tire pressure is equally difficult.

It is necessary to keep a check on tire pressure as the tires are the most important component of your car. If you continue to drive the car when the pressure in the tire is not right, it will reduce their life and even cause them to burst.

There are simple and inexpensive devices available for you to check the tire pressure by yourself. Immediately, consider refilling the air to the recommended levels if the pressure is low. In addition to this, you should also take a walk around your car and check for any visible cracks or stuck objects on its exterior. This should be done at regular intervals so that it can be repaired within time.

2. Keep the car’s engine clean and healthy

Out of all the components of the car, the engine is its heart. It transforms the fuel into energy and provides your car with the power to run. It is difficult to clean the engine internally by yourself, but you can make sure to clean the engine externally.

Use clean fuel for the car’s smooth running. Keep it away from any kind of unpleasant sticky substances. Look out for any oil leakages or cracks in the engine valves. Your car won’t function properly if the engine is not taken care of.

You should also check the engine oil every month and change it regularly to keep the engine in running condition. Choose the best quality engine oil and consult your mechanic to find out which type of oil (synthetic or non-synthetic) is best for your car’s engine.

Dealing with engine damage can be a hectic task to deal with. You don’t want to end up struggling to find repair solutions or look for replacement options. Well, if you notice engine problems, you can look for inexpensive and quality-assured used engines.

3. Check the Brake fluid

Brake failure is the worst scenario one can think of. It can result in major mishaps and serious accidents. How can we avoid such a situation? One must ensure adequate levels of brake fluids for the brakes to function smoothly. You will struggle to apply the brakes if they are not greased properly with the fluid. You can check your car’s user manual. It will help you the best to identify the recommended level of brake fluid.

However, if the fluid is sufficiently present, contaminated brake fluid can too pose a problem. To know whether the fluid is wrong or not, you can check for its color. A darker color fluid is a sign that you must change it. Besides, you must disengage the parking brakes to avoid brake corrosion problems.

4. Do not ignore the warning lights

IIf you are a newbie, it is very important to learn to identify the various warning lights. The car is built with many sensors that measure and calculate fuel consumption, air flow, engine speed, and coolant levels to name a few.

They will indicate and warn you if your car is out of order, helping you recognize the problems at an early stage. The red warning light would indicate a serious issue. It could mean an overheating engine, problems with the braking system, or low engine oil pressure. All of these are significant warning signs and make sure to act upon them as quickly as possible.

You may also see an orange warning light on the dashboard. It means that the engine management system has detected a fault. This is not as serious as a red light warning, but you must head to a service center to diagnose the problem and get it repaired.

5. Go for a regular car service

There are a lot of components in making a car like spark plugs, TPS, serpentine belts, and many more. Most of us don’t understand these technical terms enough to identify the issues with our cars. Taking your car for a service is the best alternative.

This is the most basic and extremely important tip to consider to enjoy the pleasures while driving. It will save you time and effort of inspecting it. A mechanic will inspect these parts carefully and check the working of filters, steering, wheels, lights, and other parts. They will meticulously check the suspensions, and precisely check whether the coolant system is working fine. Ensuring the car’s battery condition is also one of the tasks that they pay attention to.

Additional car maintenance tips

Here, we have also added a list of some additional tips that can be game-changers in maintaining your car.

  • tag Keep the windows slightly open if you live in regions that are very hot.
  • tag Avoid eating food in your car. But, if you like snacking and munching, make it a habit to vacuum your vehicle.
  • tag Always carry a car tool kit. These tools can be useful in unforeseen situations.
  • tagDo not hold the steering in extreme right or extreme left positions for more than a few seconds. It can cause damage to the power-steering pump.
  • tag Ensure the proper functioning of headlights and brake lights.
  • tag If you have your car parked for long periods of time and you take it out rarely, make sure to turn it on once in a while for 1-2 minutes.
  • tag Look out for your acceleration and braking habits. Driving roughly and being hard on your car can cause damage to it.
  • tag Always try to park your cars in the shade to minimize the sun’s impact.
  • tag Avoid overloading your car with too much weight.
  • tag Get your cars insured and protect it from any kind of sudden unpredicted damages.

Final thoughts

To maintain your car, these are just a few tips discussed above. Before planning a long journey, you should definitely perform these checks, or else, you’ll be stuck midway.

However, you’ll be in a safe spot if you follow these tips by heart and ensure your car’s health.

These tips will help you sustain your car for a long time. You must keep your car away from the risk of engine damage. Check used engines for sale in case you notice engine problems and are looking for replacement options and get access to a wide range of quality used engines.


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