Blog     Which new feature is standard on every 2022 Challenger?

Which new feature is standard on every 2022 Challenger?

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 The Dodge Challenger: An Iconic muscle Car

How can you miss Dodge? For centuries, this car brand has proved to be a beast on the road. Talk about its iconic driving performance, robust engine, and oh-so-comforting interiors.

But you can't dodge the features of the 2022 challenger!

Just imagine yourself smoothly rolling down the road with your new wheels. Your 2022 challenger has the potential to be a show-stopper in people’s eyes. The superior muscle tone that the car body has just can’t be missed.

You don’t have to be a car fanatic to love the feeling of legendary driving performance and superb gas mileage a good car gives.

But what exactly are the new features that are standard on every 2022 challenger? Knowing the actual features will help you make better purchasing decisions and cut costs.

Here’s a list of all those new features you’ll find in every 2022 challenger:

You’ll notice that the newer challenger models have added security deluxe alarms, with their performance-boosting scat pack. Nonetheless, here are some new features that you will find on every 2022 challenger:

The TOP 8 new features standard on every 2022 challenger are-

1. Improved Alarm System

The alarm system in dodge 2022 Challenger has a new intrusion model which is responsible for activating the car’s alarm in the event of glass breaking or unwarranted movement of the car.

This car system is one of the safest available in the market today and is a great option for anti-burglary. That’s not all, the system also comes with a panic button that you can push in case of a break-in - and it makes a loud siren go off that can be heard from miles away!

2. Superior performing engine

It has a supercharged 6.2L high-output HEMI V8 engine with 303 horsepower. If you’re looking for a good muscle car, this is your best bet. Its strong engine can set to give it torque that is 707 lb-ft.

Its engine makes the 2022 challenger a good racing car with great efficient mileage. Because of its great engine power, it's able to give great compression, and its internal combustion is a 4-stroke that has great firing order.

It is also available in a variety of this displacements and outputs. If you’re looking for an engine, save money by checking out these used engines - ASE Certified with 100% Warranty available.

3. Classy interior & exterior

The interiors and exteriors of the Dodge 2022 challengers scream luxury. The Dodge SXT systems are a force to be reckoned with. The interiors include well-heated and ventilated, leather upholstery, an 8.4-inch touchscreen, along with other iconic features such as a heating steering wheel, etc.

For the exteriors of the car, there are a variety of color combinations to pick from, especially in different variations of black. The Dodge 2022 challenger series is great if you’re looking for a good muscle car with a shiny and sleek body.

Additionally, there is great sitting and trunk space in the 2022 challenger series. And, if you’re a fan of cabin designs, this is a great car to pick.

4. Feels comfy to drive

One thing that won’t disappoint while driving the 2022 challenger is its comfort while driving. It has a great acceleration range and helps in smoothly shifting gears when you drive. Overall, it gives powerful torque and speed to your car.

You get great fuel economy because of the car’s smooth inner systems and is a great daily drive too. And, this is all thanks to the great eight-speed automatic transmission system it has. You won’t regret buying this car if you’re after the great horsepower it gives.

5. Automated headlamps

These headlamps are great for detecting low light from a far distance and, switching from high to low beam on their own. They are a good option if you’re looking for sensory headlamps that switch on from the slightest ambient light coming from the traffic.

Moreover, these automated headlamps also avoid blinding other vehicle passengers that drive by your car. Their advanced technology is great for illuminating the road and is highly sought after for safe driving.

6. Eight-speed automatic transmission

If you’re looking for an economical, flexible, and high-performing transmission system, you will find it with this car. The transmission on the 2022 Challengers is not heavy, which helps it efficiently use fuel and increases car performance to a better level.

The 2022 challengers transmission system is truly commendable and sets a new standard for the other transmission systems out there. It will help you smoothly shift gears and makes your driving experience truly enjoyable.

Additionally, its classic design is something that you will find pleasing and innovative. Check our high-quality and warrantied used transmission systems - at 100% best quality and performance available in the market today.

7. Rear-wheel & all-wheel drive are available

The rear-wheel drive is available for all 2022 challengers, while all-wheel drive facilities are available too in the GT and SXT challenger models.

The difference between the two is that rear-wheel drive is more manual than all-wheel drive.RWD challengers are available starting from 38,360$ in the market today.

All-wheel-drive offers more grip and is easier to handle quicker. The dodge challenger SXT is the world’s very first muscle car that’s available with an AWD. You can get AWD challengers starting from 41,760$

Depending on your preferred driving style, the challenger will suit you accordingly.

8. Weather-activated wipers and brake support

The 2022 dodge challengers come with wipers that get activated when it rains, as they are sensitive to moisture. A major benefit of these rain-sensing wipers is that they are well-equipped to know what speed to wipe at.

The brake support on the 2022 challengers is trustworthy and advanced. It can remove water from the brake pads and has superb power when applied while driving. And, this helps you stop smoothly while driving.


Overall, the 2022 challenger is one of the best muscle cars and is the fastest of its kind. It suits your budget, and you can choose it as your primary car. It has great daily drivability, fuel efficiency, great speed, and torque, advanced safety features and, let’s not forget how stylish it looks!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is the 2022 challenger fast?

The Dodge 2022 challenger is the fastest muscle car of its kind. Its superior engine and transmission system are a sight to behold and are great for daily driving and otherwise.

Additionally, it has an advanced brake support system that increases your safety while driving.

2. What is the 2022 fastest muscle car?

The challenger SRT Super Stock is known for its V8 engine and superior horsepower. It is undoubtedly known as the fastest muscle car. It is available in the market today ranging from 98,441$ to 107,710.

3. Is the 2022 challenger worth it?

Pick the 2022 challenger if you want smooth driving and engine performance, and is economically feasible while having good speed and torque.

Although it can be a bit costly, this muscle car is the fastest of its kind and has both a great exterior and interior.

4. Will there be a 2023 challenger?

As told by dodge on their websites, the projects for the 2023 challenger are in process and are basically, going to be available at 9 trim levels.

5. How much does a Dodge challenger cost?

A 2022 Dodge challenger comes at a starting price of 30,075$. With the quality and performance you’re getting, it is in a great price range for a muscle car - and lasts for a long time.

6. Is dodge canceling the challenger?

Since dodge has made it clear that there will be 2023 challenges, it is not getting canceled for now. In the future, Dodge may cancel gas-powered challengers because of their commitment to a parent company, Stellantis.


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