Blog    A Detailed Guide to Why is My Car Taking Longer To Start.

A Detailed Guide to Why is My Car Taking Longer To Start.

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a-detailed-guide-to -why-is-my-car-taking-longer-to-start

Anything missing with the car component these days can cause a wide range of problems. And the issues with the car's battery, alternator or the fuel pump can make you question why is my car taking longer to start. Not being able to start your car is a hard struggle.

To enjoy a fun-filled car ride and deal with this feeling, one must know the causes of this problem. When the car doesn’t start, most of them assume that the motor has burnt out or it is jammed. But, the reality is completely different.

Corroded or damaged car parts like cables, wires and battery could be the most probable causes. Fixing and troubleshooting these causes is an achievement. Infact, the causes and solutions that we will discuss are tried and tested. It has helped more than 90% of the car owners benefit from it.

This article is a detailed guide about why is my car taking longer to start and shows you a handful of tactics that are easy solutions to the problem.

Car is taking longer to start ? Know about the causes of the delayed car start

1. A weak or discharged battery

Your car’s battery has enough power to start the engine of your car. They work on a series of chemical reactions to generate electricity and provide the engine with power.

However, the batteries may become weak over the years with a build up on the metal. It can erode because of the chemical reaction that can dissolve it slowly. Thus, the battery becomes weak. A weak battery becomes incapable of generating the current required to run the system effectively.

As a result, you are noticing car starting problems and the car is taking longer to start.

2. Faulty alternator

If you do not pay attention to the failing batteries in time, the alternator will eventually fail. In short, a bad battery can kill the alternator.

Alternators can’t recharge the batteries. They can only maintain the consistent battery’s charge. Hence, while the engine is running, the faulty alternator cannot maintain sufficient battery charge.

It is one of the reasons you are experiencing car starting problems. It will result in your vehicle to cease completely or you might notice a delayed start.

3. An issue with the car starter

The car’s starter engages the engine and keeps your vehicle moving forward. The car’s engine won’t turn over if there is an issue with the starter. Noticing unusual noises and the smoke from the hood are some common signs with the bad car starter. The problem can be a result of normal wear and tear as your vehicle gets old or poor car maintenance.

If the battery is sufficiently charged and you are still experiencing a delayed car start, it’s finally time to check the starter. Weird clicking and squeaking sounds when you turn the car key in the ignition, could indicate an issue with the car ignition system.

4. Fuel pump health

If your car is taking longer to start, it implies that your fuel pump has gone bad.. Fuel Pump plays an important part in the overall mechanics of the vehicle. It sends the fuel into the engine.

Modern cars require higher fuel pressure. And with a bad pump, the engine would not receive enough fuel and the pistons would not be able to provide power to start the car.

Consequently, engine not turning over will lead to delayed car start. You might also experience engine cranks and sputters

Despite the causes we have discussed about why is my car taking longer to start, let us see if the issue is worrisome.

So, should you be worried? No.

Worrying about car starting problems is not the right way to deal with this issue. Instead, have a look at some discussed easy solutions to help you reduce anxiety.

1. Changing the battery

The first thought that comes to mind when the car is taking longer to start is the dying battery. The best solution to overcome the challenge is to change the weak or discharged battery.

You must take your car to the service centre. Before finally getting it changed, make sure to get it tested first. If the battery still has its life, the connection terminals could be damaged. They must also be inspected carefully to ensure that the car starts.

2. Fixing the car starter

You might not go anywhere if the starter is not working properly. To start your car instantly and avoid the hassle, consider replacing the starter. You can do this by yourself as it's a simple process.

To start with, you should disconnect the negative battery cable. Doing so will save you from any possible accidental electrocution. You need to pull off the nut after loosening it with a socket wrench.

Now look for the starter’s location and remove it. The next step is to disconnect the wires attached to the positive and the negative ends. Now, remove the bolts and install the new starter. It’s time to now connect the wires back to the terminals and tighten the bolts.

Finally, you need to reconnect the negative battery cable, put the nuts back and tighten the bolts. This can fix the car ignition system.

3. Troubleshooting

To the question - Why is my car taking longer to start, we have discussed a variety of factors. Not all of them require a replacement. Apart from the solutions discussed above, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow.

  • tag Your car is taking longer to start because you might possibly be low on fuel. To eliminate this, you must consider adding fuel to the tank.
  • tag Sometimes, the weather changes can temporarily drain the car’s battery. You must try jumping the car with jumper cables. You must check the cable and electrical connections, if jumping doesn’t work.
  • tag You might experience a hard start not because of the weak battery but because of the spark plugs. An issue with the sensors can affect the spark timings. In case, sensors are working properly, worn- out spark plugs can be your enemy. Consider changing the damaged spark plugs.
  • tag Even when the car’s engine is warm, yet your car is taking longer to start, consult your mechanic in such a case. Notice how bright the dome light is. A dimmer light could indicate that the charging system could be an issue.
  • tag In some cases, all the parts are properly functional, and still the car can take longer to start. Cold temperatures can make it harder for you to start. The reason behind this is that the cool temperatures can thicken the oil in the engine. As a result, it gets harder for the fuel pump to supply the oil and make the engine work harder. You must park the car in the garage to avoid the impact of low temperatures on the engine oil.


It is important to pay attention to the minor and major issues with your car and get them fixed. Also, to enjoy a comfortable driving experience, you must keep your car maintained. Take your car regularly to a service centre and get it cleaned.

Ignoring the problems can take a serious toll on your car’s engine health. It might lead you to look for engine replacement. If you are looking for used engines and used transmissions as a replacement for your car’s engine and transmissions, make sure to check Used Engines Inc.


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